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Access to St Marys Island - Tide Times

Access to the Island is restricted due to the tide as the causeway is covered by the sea for aproximately 4 Hours at each high tide. (Aproximately 2 hours either side if the high tide time.)

The exact amount of time depends on the height of the tides and weather conditions.

A notice is posted beside the causeway which gives more exact times when the causeway will be covered

St. Mary\ís Lighthouse and Visitor Centre have a facebook page which gives the crossing times on their timeline. - For Link Click Here

Details are given below of the high and low tide times and are to be used as a guide only. Details posted locally should be checked. The table also give the height of each of the tides.

2018-07-01High Tide6:02 AM BST4.84 mLow Tide12:29 PM BST1.00 m
 High Tide6:34 PM BST4.52 m
2018-07-02Low Tide12:33 AM BST1.30 mHigh Tide6:36 AM BST4.77 m
 Low Tide1:04 PM BST1.08 mHigh Tide7:11 PM BST4.43 m
2018-07-03Low Tide1:08 AM BST1.41 mHigh Tide7:10 AM BST4.66 m
 Low Tide1:40 PM BST1.17 mHigh Tide7:49 PM BST4.32 m
2018-07-04Low Tide1:45 AM BST1.54 mHigh Tide7:48 AM BST4.54 m
 Low Tide2:19 PM BST1.28 mHigh Tide8:32 PM BST4.20 m
2018-07-05Low Tide2:28 AM BST1.67 mHigh Tide8:32 AM BST4.41 m
 Low Tide3:04 PM BST1.38 mHigh Tide9:23 PM BST4.11 m
2018-07-06Low Tide3:18 AM BST1.80 mHigh Tide9:24 AM BST4.29 m
 Low Tide3:58 PM BST1.47 mHigh Tide10:21 PM BST4.05 m
2018-07-07Low Tide4:18 AM BST1.88 mHigh Tide10:26 AM BST4.22 m
 Low Tide5:01 PM BST1.50 mHigh Tide11:24 PM BST4.08 m
2018-07-08Low Tide5:28 AM BST1.87 mHigh Tide11:33 AM BST4.25 m
 Low Tide6:08 PM BST1.45 m
2018-07-09High Tide12:26 AM BST4.19 mLow Tide6:38 AM BST1.72 m
 High Tide12:39 PM BST4.38 mLow Tide7:13 PM BST1.31 m
2018-07-10High Tide1:24 AM BST4.39 mLow Tide7:43 AM BST1.46 m
 High Tide1:41 PM BST4.58 mLow Tide8:12 PM BST1.13 m
2018-07-11High Tide2:18 AM BST4.62 mLow Tide8:42 AM BST1.15 m
 High Tide2:39 PM BST4.81 mLow Tide9:07 PM BST0.95 m
2018-07-12High Tide3:10 AM BST4.87 mLow Tide9:36 AM BST0.82 m
 High Tide3:35 PM BST5.03 mLow Tide9:58 PM BST0.80 m
2018-07-13High Tide4:00 AM BST5.09 mLow Tide10:28 AM BST0.54 m
 High Tide4:28 PM BST5.19 mLow Tide10:48 PM BST0.71 m
2018-07-14High Tide4:49 AM BST5.25 mLow Tide11:18 AM BST0.33 m
 High Tide5:21 PM BST5.27 mLow Tide11:36 PM BST0.69 m
2018-07-15High Tide5:38 AM BST5.33 mLow Tide12:07 PM BST0.24 m
 High Tide6:12 PM BST5.25 m
2018-07-16Low Tide12:23 AM BST0.76 mHigh Tide6:26 AM BST5.33 m
 Low Tide12:57 PM BST0.26 mHigh Tide7:03 PM BST5.14 m
2018-07-17Low Tide1:10 AM BST0.91 mHigh Tide7:15 AM BST5.23 m
 Low Tide1:46 PM BST0.41 mHigh Tide7:54 PM BST4.94 m
2018-07-18Low Tide1:58 AM BST1.11 mHigh Tide8:05 AM BST5.05 m
 Low Tide2:36 PM BST0.65 mHigh Tide8:46 PM BST4.70 m
2018-07-19Low Tide2:47 AM BST1.36 mHigh Tide8:58 AM BST4.82 m
 Low Tide3:30 PM BST0.94 mHigh Tide9:40 PM BST4.45 m
2018-07-20Low Tide3:42 AM BST1.60 mHigh Tide9:56 AM BST4.57 m
 Low Tide4:29 PM BST1.23 mHigh Tide10:40 PM BST4.25 m
2018-07-21Low Tide4:47 AM BST1.79 mHigh Tide11:01 AM BST4.36 m
 Low Tide5:35 PM BST1.46 mHigh Tide11:44 PM BST4.15 m
2018-07-22Low Tide6:02 AM BST1.87 mHigh Tide12:11 PM BST4.25 m
 Low Tide6:44 PM BST1.58 m
2018-07-23High Tide12:49 AM BST4.16 mLow Tide7:17 AM BST1.80 m
 High Tide1:19 PM BST4.25 mLow Tide7:47 PM BST1.59 m
2018-07-24High Tide1:48 AM BST4.26 mLow Tide8:19 AM BST1.63 m
 High Tide2:18 PM BST4.32 mLow Tide8:38 PM BST1.53 m
2018-07-25High Tide2:38 AM BST4.42 mLow Tide9:09 AM BST1.43 m
 High Tide3:07 PM BST4.42 mLow Tide9:21 PM BST1.45 m
2018-07-26High Tide3:21 AM BST4.60 mLow Tide9:51 AM BST1.25 m
 High Tide3:50 PM BST4.52 mLow Tide9:58 PM BST1.35 m
2018-07-27High Tide4:00 AM BST4.75 mLow Tide10:28 AM BST1.09 m
 High Tide4:28 PM BST4.61 mLow Tide10:33 PM BST1.26 m
2018-07-28High Tide4:35 AM BST4.87 mLow Tide11:03 AM BST0.98 m
 High Tide5:04 PM BST4.67 mLow Tide11:06 PM BST1.19 m
2018-07-29High Tide5:09 AM BST4.94 mLow Tide11:36 AM BST0.91 m
 High Tide5:39 PM BST4.70 mLow Tide11:39 PM BST1.16 m
2018-07-30High Tide5:41 AM BST4.96 mLow Tide12:09 PM BST0.90 m
 High Tide6:12 PM BST4.68 m
2018-07-31Low Tide12:11 AM BST1.18 mHigh Tide6:13 AM BST4.93 m
 Low Tide12:41 PM BST0.93 mHigh Tide6:45 PM BST4.63 m
2018-08-01Low Tide12:44 AM BST1.24 mHigh Tide6:44 AM BST4.87 m
 Low Tide1:13 PM BST1.00 mHigh Tide7:19 PM BST4.55 m
2018-08-02Low Tide1:18 AM BST1.34 mHigh Tide7:18 AM BST4.78 m
 Low Tide1:47 PM BST1.09 mHigh Tide7:56 PM BST4.45 m
2018-08-03Low Tide1:55 AM BST1.46 mHigh Tide7:57 AM BST4.66 m
 Low Tide2:27 PM BST1.21 mHigh Tide8:39 PM BST4.33 m
2018-08-04Low Tide2:39 AM BST1.60 mHigh Tide8:45 AM BST4.52 m
 Low Tide3:15 PM BST1.36 mHigh Tide9:32 PM BST4.21 m
2018-08-05Low Tide3:34 AM BST1.74 mHigh Tide9:44 AM BST4.38 m
 Low Tide4:14 PM BST1.51 mHigh Tide10:35 PM BST4.14 m
2018-08-06Low Tide4:42 AM BST1.82 mHigh Tide10:55 AM BST4.30 m
 Low Tide5:26 PM BST1.58 mHigh Tide11:45 PM BST4.16 m
2018-08-07Low Tide6:02 AM BST1.76 mHigh Tide12:11 PM BST4.34 m
 Low Tide6:43 PM BST1.54 m
2018-08-08High Tide12:54 AM BST4.31 mLow Tide7:20 AM BST1.53 m
 High Tide1:23 PM BST4.51 mLow Tide7:54 PM BST1.37 m
2018-08-09High Tide1:57 AM BST4.56 mLow Tide8:27 AM BST1.18 m
 High Tide2:28 PM BST4.76 mLow Tide8:53 PM BST1.14 m
2018-08-10High Tide2:54 AM BST4.85 mLow Tide9:25 AM BST0.80 m
 High Tide3:25 PM BST5.02 mLow Tide9:46 PM BST0.92 m
2018-08-11High Tide3:46 AM BST5.13 mLow Tide10:16 AM BST0.46 m
 High Tide4:18 PM BST5.23 mLow Tide10:35 PM BST0.75 m
2018-08-12High Tide4:35 AM BST5.35 mLow Tide11:05 AM BST0.22 m
 High Tide5:08 PM BST5.34 mLow Tide11:21 PM BST0.66 m
2018-08-13High Tide5:22 AM BST5.48 mLow Tide11:52 AM BST0.12 m
 High Tide5:56 PM BST5.35 m
2018-08-14Low Tide12:05 AM BST0.67 mHigh Tide6:08 AM BST5.49 m
 Low Tide12:37 PM BST0.17 mHigh Tide6:41 PM BST5.24 m
2018-08-15Low Tide12:48 AM BST0.78 mHigh Tide6:53 AM BST5.39 m
 Low Tide1:21 PM BST0.36 mHigh Tide7:26 PM BST5.03 m
2018-08-16Low Tide1:30 AM BST0.98 mHigh Tide7:38 AM BST5.17 m
 Low Tide2:06 PM BST0.67 mHigh Tide8:12 PM BST4.76 m
2018-08-17Low Tide2:13 AM BST1.25 mHigh Tide8:26 AM BST4.88 m
 Low Tide2:52 PM BST1.05 mHigh Tide9:00 PM BST4.47 m
2018-08-18Low Tide3:01 AM BST1.54 mHigh Tide9:19 AM BST4.55 m
 Low Tide3:44 PM BST1.43 mHigh Tide9:54 PM BST4.21 m
2018-08-19Low Tide3:59 AM BST1.81 mHigh Tide10:22 AM BST4.25 m
 Low Tide4:47 PM BST1.75 mHigh Tide10:58 PM BST4.04 m
2018-08-20Low Tide5:16 AM BST1.98 mHigh Tide11:36 AM BST4.07 m
 Low Tide6:02 PM BST1.93 m
2018-08-21High Tide12:09 AM BST4.01 mLow Tide6:45 AM BST1.97 m
 High Tide12:53 PM BST4.05 mLow Tide7:16 PM BST1.93 m
2018-08-22High Tide1:18 AM BST4.13 mLow Tide7:58 AM BST1.78 m
 High Tide1:59 PM BST4.17 mLow Tide8:15 PM BST1.81 m
2018-08-23High Tide2:15 AM BST4.33 mLow Tide8:50 AM BST1.53 m
 High Tide2:51 PM BST4.34 mLow Tide9:00 PM BST1.64 m
2018-08-24High Tide3:01 AM BST4.55 mLow Tide9:32 AM BST1.30 m
 High Tide3:33 PM BST4.51 mLow Tide9:38 PM BST1.46 m
2018-08-25High Tide3:39 AM BST4.75 mLow Tide10:08 AM BST1.10 m
 High Tide4:09 PM BST4.66 mLow Tide10:12 PM BST1.29 m
2018-08-26High Tide4:13 AM BST4.91 mLow Tide10:41 AM BST0.95 m
 High Tide4:43 PM BST4.77 mLow Tide10:44 PM BST1.16 m
2018-08-27High Tide4:46 AM BST5.02 mLow Tide11:12 AM BST0.84 m
 High Tide5:15 PM BST4.84 mLow Tide11:16 PM BST1.08 m
2018-08-28High Tide5:16 AM BST5.07 mLow Tide11:43 AM BST0.79 m
 High Tide5:46 PM BST4.87 mLow Tide11:48 PM BST1.05 m
2018-08-29High Tide5:46 AM BST5.08 mLow Tide12:13 PM BST0.80 m
 High Tide6:17 PM BST4.84 m
2018-08-30Low Tide12:19 AM BST1.08 mHigh Tide6:17 AM BST5.05 m
 Low Tide12:44 PM BST0.86 mHigh Tide6:48 PM BST4.78 m
2018-08-31Low Tide12:52 AM BST1.16 mHigh Tide6:50 AM BST4.98 m
 Low Tide1:16 PM BST0.97 mHigh Tide7:23 PM BST4.68 m

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